Are Fireworks Too Loud For Pregnancy?

Fireworks are a common way to celebrate festivals, holidays or special occasions that light the night sky in stunning designs and colors. However, for pregnant mamas, the loud sounds that accompany these displays could be something to reweigh. So, your question still stands; “Can I join in these festivities or opt for a quiter evening?” 

Can a baby in the womb hear fireworks?

Yes, babies are able to hear fireworks. From the 18th to the 24th week, their ears develop enough to hear sounds and perhaps eavesdrop on your conversations. Initially, they only hear the heartbeat of their mother and her voice. But as they grow, they may begin to pick up louder, external sounds, like the boom of fireworks.

Even though these sounds are blocked by amniotic fluid and the mother’s body, significant sounds like fireworks may still be obvious to the little one. However, since these sound effects aren’t as clear and distinct as they are outside the womb, they may not sound as same like they sound to us.

Are fireworks too loud for babies During Pregnancy?

Experts suggest that very loud sounds could be damaging to the hearing of an unborn baby. If you’re pregnant, the only safe way to prevent any possible damage is to get rid of loud noises completely.

What we know is that although the amniotic fluid and your body insulates your baby, loud noises, such as those at fireworks events, are still able to reach them.

It’s, however, also worth mentioning that occasional attendance at firework shows and other events with loud noises might be okay, and it usually boils down to your pregnancy stage and how close you are to the source of the sound.

How loud is too loud for pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is desirable to stay clear of loud sounds to protect the baby’s hearing development. Anything above 85 decibels is considered to be potentially dangerous and should be avoided if possible as they can travel through your body and reach them. Long-term exposure to loud sounds can harm a baby’s hearing. So, do your baby a favor and protect their ears.

Are movie theaters, unlike fireworks, too loud during pregnancy?

Going to the movies while pregnant is generally okay for most people. But, sometimes movie theaters can get really loud. Loud noises might not always harm your baby directly, but they could make you feel uncomfortable, too. If you’re planning to watch a movie in the theater, try to pick a seat that’s not too close to the speakers.

This can help make the sound feel less intense. If you’re ever unsure or feel uncomfortable during a movie, it’s perfectly fine to step out. Remember, what feels best for you is also what’s best for your baby.

Recommendations for pregnant women at firework displays

Loud noises might not only hurt your baby at the long run, they could even make you uncomfortable too. If you’re planning to attend a firework display, here are my recommendations to keep y’all safe and comfy:

Be aware of your distance:

It is important to avoid standing too close to the area where fireworks are taking place. Moving far away helps shrink the sound, which might help your baby’s hearing a bit and make you comfortable too. This way, you can enjoy the show in peace.

Protect your ears:  

Wear earplugs to help reduce the noise. Surprisingly, you don’t only benefit from this, your baby does too, by protecting their ears!

Limit the time you spend at the Event:

It’s best not to stay too long. This helps you stay off too much noise and also keeps you comfy.A short while will allow you to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

Stay off direct smoke:

It’s possible that fireworks smoke can have bad chemicals that may go a long way to complicate your journey.  Thus, you should position leeward if you have the chance. It is advisable to avoid the smoke.

Smoke from fireworks isn’t great for either baby or you, so try standing where the wind is blowing smoke away from you. In such a way, you’ll be able to breathe more easier and still have a great time.

Get hydrated:

You should gulp down enough water. Being outdoors, particularly if there are a lot of people or heat, it can cause you to become hot and thirsty respectively. Water is essential to keep you hydrated, ensuring both you and the baby are well and can enjoy the experience more comfortably.

Make sure you are comfortable:

Bring a cushion or chair to sit, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This allows you to stay cozy as you enjoy the fireworks without getting tired or sore.

Be aware of your surroundings:

Know where exits, bathrooms or first aid facilities are. In this way, should you require help urgently or are feeling sick, you’ll know where to go with no anxiety. Being familiar with the area makes your time at the event safer and more enjoyable!

Check with Your Doctor 

You shouldn’t leave out your doctor in your plans to go to fireworks display. It’s best to speak with them first. Doctors can advice you based on how your pregnancy is going. 

They will let you know if being in a large crowd or near loud noises might harm you in any way, depending on your condition. Their approval ensures you enjoy these events with absolute peace of mind, safeguarding yourself and the baby.

Once you’re following these tips, you can rest assured that you’re staying as safe as possible.

Alternatives to attending fireworks displays while pregnant

If you’re pregnant and are worried about the sound of the fireworks show or you prefer to avoid the crowds, here are some great alternatives:

  • Watch fireworks on television or online
  • Host a small gathering 
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Enjoy a quiet evening outdoors
  • Listen to music or podcast
  • Get creative with arts and crafts at home

By choosing one of these alternatives, you can still have a delightful and memorable celebration while keeping things calm and safe for you and your baby.

Are fireworks too loud for pregnancy?

Occasional attendance at loud sound events like fireworks, movie theatres might be okay for your baby. You shouldn’t overdo it. You should also try to heed to the above measures, including not standing too close to the sound source, wearing earplugs, limiting time spent there, and drinking enough fluids.  

Be aware of your body, and get away if you are uncomfortable. Also, before you decide to attend such events, consult your doctor for their approval. With these tips, you’ll be able to have fun safely, prepared, and in comfort.

Georgina Austin, CNM

Georgina Austin, CNM

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