Can You Go On Water Slides While Pregnant?

Ah, summer days, right? Sun beaming, kids laughing, and water slides beckoning. But hold up, what if you’re pregnant?

Suddenly, those thrilling water slides seem a bit more daunting. If you’re wondering whether its safe to slick and slither your way through water parks while expecting, you’re certainly not alone.

Let’s take a straightforward look at the facts and figure out if you can actually enjoy those water slides or if it’s best to stick to the kiddie pool for now.

Can you go on water slides while pregnant?

Before you put on your swimsuit and dive in, there are a couple of stuff to think about, even if you can’t wait to swim and have fun.

First things first, every pregnancy is unique, just like you! So, while your pregnant friend might have avoided water slides like they were the plague, that doesn’t automatically mean you have to.

But let’s be real; there’s a bit of a risk with anything that involves speed, twists, and turns. Most doctors will give you a heads up to steer clear of activities that have a risk of falling or getting hurt, and that includes water slides.

Why the caution? Well, your center of balance shifts when you’re pregnant, making falls more likely. Plus, those sudden stops and high-speed thrills could lead to abdominal injuries, which we want to avoid at all costs for the little one’s safety.

“But what about those super chill, lazy river style slides?” Those might seem less risky, but even then, it’s all about playing it safe.

The recommendation usually leans towards a hard pass on anything that’s more adventurous than a gentle swim. It’s really about you and your baby’s wellbeing.

And getting advice from your healthcare provider is your best bet. They know your health inside out and can guide you on what’s safe for your specific situation.

Just because you might have to give the thrilling water slides a miss, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water.

There are plenty of ways to make a splash that won’t raise your doc’s eyebrows – floating in the pool, enjoying the waves at the beach, or even a prenatal aqua aerobics class.

Some Water Activities You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

While staying active is awesome for pregnant moms and their babies, some water adventures (slides) might need to wait until after your little one arrives.

When you’re expecting, your body’s going through a whole heap of changes. Something about being more buoyant and having a shifted center of gravity can make certain water activities riskier than they were pre-bump.

So, while the water might be calling your name, let’s chat about what you might want to skip them for now.

1. High-Speed Water Slides and Diving Boards

Imagine hurling down a water slide or bouncing off a diving board—sounds fun, right? Not so fast.

The force from a swift splashdown or an awkward dive can jostle things more than you’d want while pregnant. Best to stick to spectating these activities for the time being.

2. Jet Skis and Water Skiing

Speeding over the waves on a jet ski or slicing through the water on skis does have its thrills. But the speed and the bumps?

Not exactly what the doctor advised when you’re carrying precious cargo. The risk of falling off and hitting the water at speed is too much of a gamble right now. Stay away!

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving might let you explore incredible underwater worlds, but it’s a firm no during pregnancy. Going deep under the water puts you at risk of decompression sickness.

That’s not something you or your baby need, as it can cause some serious health issues. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is a safer way to peek at marine life without the depth and pressure changes.

4. Surfing

Catching waves and hanging ten might sound like an ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon.

But with surfboards comes the risk of falling and the challenge of maintaining your balance—two things that aren’t pregnancy-friendly. Maybe save this one for later and enjoy the beach vibes from the safety of the shore.

5. Hot Tubs and Saunas

Okay, not technically a “water activity,” but since we’re talking all things water, let’s not dip into hot tubs or saunas for now.

The high temperatures can raise your body heat, which isn’t ideal for your baby. A warm (not hot) bath at home is a snug alternative.

There’s Still Plenty of Splash to Enjoy!

Skipping aforementioned these activities doesn’t mean you’re stuck on the sidelines all summer. Swimming is a fantastic and safe way to stay active.

It’s gentle on your body and can be quite the relief for pregnancy aches. Just remember to listen to your body, keep hydrated, and slather on that SPF.

Curious about more ways to stay active and safe while expecting? Check in for a whole world of prenatal fitness and fun awaiting!

At what point in pregnancy should you stop swimming?

The good news is, for most expectant moms, you might not have to stop at all! Swimming is one of those great activities that can often be enjoyed right up until the day you deliver—of course, as long as you feel comfortable and your doctor gives you the thumbs up. But let’s break it down a bit..

Always listen to Your Body

First things first, listen to what your body’s telling you. If you start feeling uncomfortable, or if swimming starts to feel more like a chore than relaxation, it might be time to take a break.

It’s all about how you feel. After all, nobody knows your body like you do!

Chat Your OB-GYN

Always keep the lines of communication open with your healthcare provider. They’ll let you know if there are any health concerns that make swimming a no-go.

For example, if you have certain complications or if your waters have broken, they’ll probably advise you to shun the pool. It’s always best to get that personalized advice.

When to Consider Stopping

As you approach your due date, you might want to take it easier. If getting in and out of the pool becomes a circus act, or if you’re just too tired, listen to that.

It’s totally okay to replace swimming with more mellow activities like prenatal yoga or just extra naps!

So, there’s no hard stop date for swimming during pregnancy for most women—it’s all about how you feel and staying tuned in with your doctor. Keep enjoying the water if it feels good, but don’t push it if it doesn’t.

Conclusion – Can you go on water slides while pregnant?

Diving into the world of water slides while pregnant? It might sound like a blast, but it’s probably best to press the pause button on that idea.

From what we’ve talked about, it’s clear that the bumps, twists, and potential for a hard landing make water slides less than ideal for expectant moms.

Your balance isn’t what it used to be, and keeping you and your little one safe is priority number one. But hey, don’t let that splash your summer fun dreams. There are heaps of ways to enjoy the water safely.

Whether it’s floating in a pool, catching some gentle laps, or just paddling your feet in the shallow end, you’ve still got options. And let’s be honest, a cool dip on a hot day is always a win, slide or no slide.

So, while the thrill of the water slide might have to wait, there’s a whole season of fun awaiting that’s just as refreshing and a whole lot safer for you and your baby.

Georgina Austin

Georgina Austin

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