Can You Ride Tron Pregnant?

You might be wondering whether to ride the Tron Lightcycle Power Run at theme parks or skip it for your baby’s safety. I’ve been in your shoes, thinking just as hard about this decision. That’s why I wanted to write this to help ease your mind.

This article will discuss the factors to consider, potential risks, and what experts say about riding intense amusement park attractions like Tron while pregnant.

Can I do tron while pregnant?

During pregnancy, it becomes important to stay safe. And one way to achieve this is to avoid activities that may harm either you or your pretty little one. Going on intense rides such as Tron Lightcycle Power Run at theme parks is usually not advised during pregnancy.

These types of rides include sharp turns, sudden stops, and high speeds that could cause a strain on your body and raise the chances of injuries. Most theme parks, including Disney and Magic Kingdom Park suggest pregnant women stay clear of these rides.

Your safer bet is to follow this advice and enjoy other safer activities offered at the park. If you’re unsure about what activities are safe during pregnancy, the best thing to do is talk to your obstetrician. They can answer most of your questions and give advice that fits your specific health needs.

How about during my first semester? Can i go on disney rides? 

During the first trimester, your body undergoes some significant changes, and it’s the time for your baby to start forming. Even though you might feel strong and okay, it’s excellent to skip these rides that are speedy, bumpy, have sharp turns and drops or could shake you around often.

Disney has listed safe rides for pregnant women and those they are to avoid. You can find this information at the park, and they have it on their website, too. But there are still many games and attractions that are pregnancy-safe.

For an enjoyable visit, I recommend that you focus on attractions that are more about visual and auditory experience rather than the physical. Shows, interactive exhibits, and certain calm rides without height requirements can be fantastic options! Since the park offers a wide variety of entertainment, you’ll still find plenty of magical moments that are safe to experience, regardless. 

Always pay attention to your body. And If you don’t feel well it’s fine to leave the experience. Also, remember to speak with your doctor before deciding to visit theme parks.

Some specific rides or activities that are pregnancy-safe at Disneyland 

Can you ride tron while pregnant?

Here’s a list of some attractions that I researched and experienced as well, and they are usually on the gentler side without the intense motion.

1. The Disney Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad is regarded as a pregnancy-safe train ride in Disneyland. It offers a relaxing and picturesque train ride through the park.

It allows you to be comfortable and take in the sights without having to endure the abrupt and unsteady movements encountered in most thrilling attractions.  It’s a wonderful option to unwind while enjoying the magic of Disneyland.

2. The Jungle cruise

We know of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland as desirable for pregnant women, too. It’s a sluggish boat ride that allows you to relax while taking a hilarious guided tour of exotic rivers filled with animatronic animals.

There aren’t any abrupt changes or speedy movement, which makes it a relaxing and smooth experience. It’s an excellent option if you’re up for some relaxing, joyful experience while protecting both you and your baby.

3. The Enchanted Tiki Room

This is a beautiful indoor performance where you can tap and relax. It isn’t a ride, though. There are singing birds that will have you entertained.

A lotta flowers, tiki statues set in an exotic setting with no movements or bumps to worry about. This makes it a fantastic spot to rest and enjoy live music and colorful animations. 

For those looking to take a break from strolling around the park, this is a great fit. It’s gonna allow both you and your baby to stay safe while enjoying.

4. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland is considered to be a pregnancy-safe attraction for many pregnant visitors. In this experience you’ll board a submarine and “dive” underwater to view scenes based on the film “Finding Nemo.”

The submarine gently glides on the water and there are apparently no sudden movements involved or intense activities to be experienced.

But let me draw your attention to the fact that the entrance of the submarine has stairs, which are a little steep and narrow, making the ride seem a little secluded. If you’re able to handle these conditions, this ride provides a calm and engaging adventure as you discover the underwater realm. 

5. Mark Twain Riverboat

The Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland is a fantastic, pregnancy-safe option for guests looking to enjoy a relaxing and scenic ride. This paddlewheel riverboat takes you on a gentle journey around the Rivers of America.

Since the boat moves smoothly and there are plenty of seats, it’s an excellent choice for those who are pregnant and their families.  You can enjoy the views of the parks from an entirely different viewpoint, which includes natural scenery and other attractions along the river’s shoreline, all without the jostling and rapid motions common with some thrill rides.

6. “Its a small world”

You’ll be seated in a comfortable boat that glides smoothly across the waterways. The cruise will take you on a peaceful trip around the world featuring vibrant pictures and dolls wearing traditional costumes from various countries and singing the infamous “It’s a Small World” song.

There aren’t any drops, fast turns or bumps that might make you fear, thus making it peaceful and enjoyable for moms who’re expecting.

What other rides can you not Do while pregnant?

can you go on tron while pregnant?

Some other examples of rides in Disney World that you should avoid are;

  • Avatar Flight of Passage[1]
  • Barnstormer[2]
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad [3]

These are considered dangerous because they travel very fast with quick starts and stops, and they may have a tendency to be very violent and shake you.

While it’s enjoyable to visit amusement parks in pregnancy, it’s essential to stay clear of rides like roller coasters mentioned above and tron riding, which are fast and come with abrupt movements. Although there isn’t any exact scientific proof that these are unsafe, they haven’t been proven to be safe.

Can You Ride Tron Pregnant? – Final Say

Nope, do not ride tron while pregnant; it isn’t recommended. TRON Lightcycle Power Run is well-known for its speedy and thrilling experience, which includes rapid turns and sudden drops. These types of activities can be risky for women who are pregnant and their babies.

While the excitement and adventure of TRON is appealing, safety is always the top priority during these delicate times. There are many other great, enjoyable, safe activities to experience at Disney parks when you are expecting.

It’s desirable to put off the high-speed adventure for the next time you trip, perhaps after your baby is out. Always make sure to speak to your OB-GYN before embarking on this, or any other activity during pregnancy.

Georgina Austin, CNM

Georgina Austin, CNM

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