Can You Take Colloidal Silver While Breastfeeding?

Safety during breastfeeding is a key concern because the baby consumes whatever you eat through the breast milk.

If you’re wondering whether you can take certain supplements like colloidal silver while breastfeeding, then you found the right article.  We’ll talk about what this supplement is, its benefits and whether you can take it postpartum.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is actually what it sounds like – silver that has been broken down into tiny pieces and mixed into liquid. It is usually sold as supplement to your diet.

People resort to it as a home remedy to treat or prevent various health issues. But is it safe?Let’s dive into it.

Is colloidal silver safe for breastfeeding moms?

In fact, this supplement is not FDA approved. Even though some sources suggest its use, the potential risks far outweighs the acclaimed benefits.

It can cause argyria. This condition can make your skin and eyes turn a blue-gray color, which is usually permanent. There are some evidences that it can also interfere with certain drugs like antibiotics and thyroid medications. 

Breastfeeding moms may easily transfer the silver nanoparticles to the baby through the breast milk, when they consume colloidal silver.

For these reasons, you need to avoid taking it while breastfeeding, it is not safe!

How long does colloidal silver stay in the body?

Generally, colloidal silver doesn’t leave your body right away after you take it. The length of time it stays in your body however depends on a number of factors such as how much you’ve taken and your body’s unique chemistry.

Note that it is not recommended for breastfeeding moms to take it as it can build up in their bodies over months to years, and cause Argyria. Anytime you consider taking it, be sure to talk with your doctor first.

What does drinking colloidal silver do to your body?

Some people take colloidal silver with the thoughts of improving skin disorders, help wound healing or warding off diseases.

Although silver is a part of the earth’s elements, it has no known benefits to the body when consumed. Rather it can cause serious damage to the internal organs in your body.

It can harm your nerves, kidneys and liver. It could also muddle with certain medications like levothyroxine and some antibiotics.

Taking large doses in the medium to long term can cause kidney damage and seizures. So if you’re considering taking it, then you must reconsider your decision.

What can I take for immune system while breastfeeding?

The methods mentioned below are safer options to try out if you’re looking to improve on your immune health while breastfeeding.

  • Probiotics: I’ve always recommended Bio-kult Original. This probiotic is effective for gut health and immunity.
  • Omega 3 supplements: Nordic Naturals Postnatal omega 3 is recommended. It can support a good heart health and maintain a healthy immune response.
  • Balanced nutrition: You should always eat balanced meals that contain more fruits and veggies, as these contains all the required nutrients to improve overall health together with your baby’s.
  • Vitamins: Prenatal vitamins can be helpful during breastfeeding too. Vitamins that are generally safe for breastfeeding moms include Biotin, collagen among others. Always talk with your doctor before starting any new supplement.
  • Drinking plenty water: Water forms the major part of breast milk, therefore, You should aim at drinking a sufficient amount of water daily.

What can a nursing mother use to treat infection?

Treating an infection while breastfeeding mostly depend on the type of infection. When talking about infection related to breastfeeding like mastitis, you can use home methods or medical treatments.

Home methods like Warm compresses and self-massage can help to unblock congested milk ducts. In medicinal treatments, antibiotics might be prescribed to fight off the infection, including mastitis. 

If it’s a yeast infection, then fluconazole which is an antifungal medication can be used. Fluconazole is safe for use in mothers and infants simultaneously when other treatments prove futile.

Pain relief medication(analgesic) can sometimes be prescribed for the accompanying discomfort too. If it’s a wound or episiotomy infection, treatments might involve things like drainage and debridement, plus broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Remember that you should reach out to your doctor first anytime you need to treat infections while breastfeeding, your doctor knows you better than any other person, and he or she is going to prescribe treatments that would best help the ailments.

What is the best cold remedy when breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding, there a lot of cold remedies that can provide the sooth you need, but they all need to be approached with care. Here are some suggestions:

Over the counter medications

Safe cold medications for lactating moms include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and non-sedating antihistamines.

It is best to avoid NyQuil, Benadryl, Sudafed, DayQuil, aspirin, cough suppressants, and expectorants as these can either reduce your milk supply, harm the baby, or make it unsafe for you to hold your baby.

Natural remedies

Using a humidifier, taking zinc and using neti pot for sinus relief can help relieve cold too. Eating foods and supplements rich in vitamin C, echinacea and garlic will alleviate the cold too.

Warming liquids like tea or chicken broth, honey, lemon and gargling with salt water can soothe a sore throat and help your cold. And these comprise of all-natural ingredients!

Staying hydrated and having enough rest

Drinking more water and having enough rests can help fight off the cold. Drinking Water everyday is undoubtedly a good way to stay healthy on postpartum, and it can help your body fight off several infections, including cold.


To sum it up, I wouldn’t recommend breastfeeding mothers to take colloidal silver, it is not safe, and the issue mostly lies in the fact that silver is a heavy metal.

When you consume colloidal silver, It can stay in your body for very long time which can be harmful in the long run. Because it stays in your body for long, it can easily reach your baby through the breast milk and have negative impacts on it.

Try out the above-mentioned remedies to improve your immune health or boost overall wellness, But you should always check with your doctor first.


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