Georgina Austin

Georgina Austin

Georgina is a certified midwife, a seasoned writer and a mother of twins - Noel and Noelle. She brings to this blog eleven years of experience in maternity support, coupled with her personal motherhood adventures to give you factual information on women's health. Aside writing on pregnancy and breastfeeding, she writes on sexual health concerns, birth control guides, egg donation, sibling dynamics, and balancing the demands of multiple children.

Can I Drink Alkaline Water While Pregnant?

Can I Drink Alkaline Water While Pregnant

Alkaline water is usually known for its slightly higher pH value. It’s said to neutralize acid in the blood, improve metabolic activities and absorb nutrients effectively. However, it’s critical to assure whether such benefits extend to pregnant women and if…

Can I Eat Jalapenos While Pregnant?

can you eat jalapenos while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant moms can eat jalapenos. These are a type of chili pepper that can add some spicy flavor to your meals. In fact it’s not only safe to have them, but they also contain several healthy compounds. Capsaicin, which…

Can I Drink Horchata While Pregnant?

Can I drink horchata while pregnant?

Yes, it is generally safe to drink horchata while pregnant, but like anything else, moderation happens to be the key. This beverage has its roots traced from Spanish cuisine and it’s basically made from rice, almonds, sugar cane juice, vanilla…

Can I Eat Menudo While Pregnant?

Can you eat menudo while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat menudo while pregnant but with some few caveats. Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with tripe(the stomach lining of a cow or pig) and typically includes ingredients like hominy(dried maize kernels treated with an alkali),…

Can Pregnant Women Eat Tiramisu?

Can Pregnant Women eat tiramisu?

Tiramisu is a delicious Italian dessert that usually contains raw eggs and sometimes alcohol, both of which can pose significant risks to pregnant women. The exact origin of this dessert is unclear, as various regions of Italy including Veneto and…

Can I Drink Aloe Vera While Pregnant?

Can you drink aloe vera while pregnant?

Aloe vera is a plant that is commonly used for its adverse benefits including its ability to help digestion and soothe skin conditions. However, when it comes to drinking it in pregnancy, it’s important to exercise a bit caution and…