Can I Drink Certo While Pregnant?

Today we are here to explore a common concern many expecting mothers have – “Can you drink certo while pregnant?”

It’s no doubt that we all want the best for our babies in the womb, and that includes making excellent choices about what goes into our bodies.

Let’s uncover the whole truth about certo and its impact it may have on pregnant women.

What is certo?

Certo is a product that has been mostly used to pass drug tests. It is a brand of fruit pectin that makes a type of soluble fiber naturally found in fruits like peaches, pears, apples and berries.

Certo is specifically known for its ability to thicken and its commonly used in cooking and canning to make jams, jellies and other fruit spreads.

When it comes to drug testing, specifically urine drug test, it is thought that consuming certo mixed with Gatorade can help flush out metabolities from the body.

However, there’s a limited evidence to support this claim. In fact, the effectiveness of certo in passing a drug test is still being debated on, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll work for everyone.

So if you’re looking to combine certo with Gatorade (and other ingredients) to pass a drug screening test while pregnant, then it’s recommended to first discuss with your doctor.

If you’re also looking to add it as an ingredient in your jam, then go ahead but mind how much you take.

Some women also take certo to detox while pregnant. Let’s dive into it, but before that, is detoxing necessary at all when pregnant?

Detoxing during pregnancy? Let’s uncover it

It’s very necessary for pregnant women to take good care of their bodies and there’re several ways to do this other than detoxing. It is generally not recommended to do any type of detoxing during pregnancy.

Detoxing, which involves eliminating toxins from the body is usually done through fasting or other methods like consuming different beverages and taking supplements.

However, these methods can be risky during pregnancy as they may cause some pregnancy complications.

The body naturally processes and eliminates toxins through the liver and kidneys. In healthy people, this is usually enough, and there is no need for additional detoxification.

During pregnancy, your major focus should be on eating balanced meals that’ll help your baby’s growth.

Eating foods that contain the vitamins and minerals you need can support your body in several processes like properly regulating digestion and excretion.

Is Certo safe? Can I drink certo while pregnant?

Having to know detoxing isn’t recommended in pregnancy, then you certainly wouldn’t want to try drinking certo to detox at this time.

Even though there’s a limited research on certo during pregnancy, you can go ahead and use very small portions in your jams or jellies. It’s a natural product!

It’s made with citrus fruits, hence contains a significant amount of acid and sugar so you should be careful not to overeat.

You should also not consume on an empty stomach as it may trigger acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion.

It’s always best to talk to your doctor before adding any new supplement or substances to your diet, especially if you’re going to take it for a long term.

How can I flush my system while pregnant?

While it’s not recommended to detox during pregnancy, the fastest ways to clean out your system while pregnant are through healthy habits that include;

  • eating nutritious foods
  • staying hydrated
  • engaging in physical activities
  • getting sufficient rest
  • eating fruits and vegetables

If you have specific concerns about exposure to toxins or contaminants, it’s important to discuss with your doctor immediately.  


You should always make sure you’re taking very tiny amount of certo in your jams or jellies because it has high sugar and acid, which can impede your health when eaten to excess.

Pregnant women who are also considering to drink certo routinely must first talk with your doctors.

In order to stay healthy during this time, it is best to rather exercise, eat nutritious foods and get sufficient rest, as these will promote the healthy journey you need for your baby’s better growth and development.


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