Can I Eat Vienna Sausages While Pregnant? 

Yes, you can safely eat Vienna sausages while pregnant as long as you eat in moderation and ensure they are properly cooked.

Cocktail sausages or mini franks, as they are popularly called, are typically small, thin and traditionally made from a mixture of ground pork, beef and chicken with added spices and seasonings.

They are cooked and canned or packed in brine, oil or gelatin and often used in various recipes like salads and pasta dishes or served alongside mustard, pickles or cheese.

While they are easy to prepare and convenient, they are processed and have high sodium content, thence the reason you shouldn’t overeat.

These caveats are what to keep in mind anytime you consider having it:


These sausages are processed and usually contain high leves of sodium and preservatives. It’s important to eat small quantities as excessive sodium intake  during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure and other adverse health issues.


You should always heat them thoroughly before eating. Heating will kill the potential bacteria and make it very safe for consumption.

Food safety

Pay attention to the food safety guidelines when handling and consuming these sausages. Make sure the can is not damaged, rusted or swollen as this could indicate spoilage.

Also, do not eat them if you find that they have an off smell or appear unusual.

Balanced diet

In as much as these can be a much convenient snack, they should in no way replace nutritious options in your diet.

Pregnant women need to eat balanced meals that incorporates plenty fruits and vegetables to ensure they are getting the good nutrients needful for themselves and their developing babies.

Don’t forget to consider your allergies

Be sure to check the ingredient list on the can and guarantee there are none of them you’re allergic to, or could possibly be risky to your baby.

Is it safe to eat Vienna sausages without cooking while pregnant?

Can you eat Vienna sausages while pregnant?

It is generally advised to avoid consuming Vienna sausages or any other canned meat product without cooking or heating them.

Canned meats like these sausages are processed and usually stored for long periods, which increases the risk of contamination with harmful bacteria like listeria.

Listeria can cause foodborne illness like Listeriosis ,which can pose significant risk to both you and the baby. Therefore it’s important to take precautions to minimize this risk of listeria exposure.

To safely consume Vienna sausages while pregnant, it’s advisable to heat them thoroughly before eating. Cooking them until they are steaming hot can help kill any potential bacteria and make them safer to eat.

What are some safe alternatives to canned vienna sausages for pregnant women?

Though these little bangers can be consumed in pregnancy, it’s important to explore other healthier alternatives to satisfy your cravings.

Here are some safe alternatives to canned Vienna sausages for pregnant women:

  • Fresh Sausages: Examples include breakfast links, pork sausage, Italian sausage . These are typically lower in sodium and preservatives compared to canned Vienna. However, ensure to cook them thoroughly before consumption to avoid any food-borne illnesses.
  • Organic, Nitrate-free, Low-sodium Sausages: These are sold in many health food stores as a healthy alternative to traditional processed meats .
  • Cooked or Smoked Sausages/Hot Dogs: These contain lesser preservatives and are safer once they are well-cooked .
  • Lean Meats: Opt for leaner options of meat like chicken or turkey, which are lowe in fat and healthier than processed meat.
  • Plant-based Sausages: These can be a good alternative as it offers a source of protein without the increased fat and sodium content of some processed meats.

Remember, moderation is key. And as with any change in diet during this time, it’s best to talk to your registered dietitian or OB-GYN to your choices align with your nutritional needs.

I ate summer sausage while pregnant, does it cause for any alarm?

Eating summer sausage during pregnancy is generally safe as long as it is properly cooked. This sausage is that type that is often dried and cured, and is typically made from beef, pork, or a combination of meats.

The curing process helps preserve the sausage and reduce the risk of harmful bacteria.

However, it’s essential to follow some basic food safety guidelines when consuming summer sausage or any other deli meats or sausages during pregnancy:

It’s important to make sure that the sausage is made from top-quality ingredients, handled and stored properly and it’s not past the expiration date to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.


Are Vienna sausages fully cooked?

Yes, Vienna sausages are usually fully cooked before they are canned.

Are Vienna sausages processed?

Yes, these sausages are processed meat. There are two main types which are fresh and cured.

Can you eat cooked sausage when pregnant?

Pregnant women need to eat thoroughly cooked sausage to minimize the risk of any harmful bacteria and foodborne illnesses.

Can I eat potted meat while pregnant?

It is safe for expecting mothers to eat potted meat as long as it has been heated to a suitable temperature to kill potentially harmful bacteria.

Why can’t you eat hot dogs when pregnant?

During pregnancy, you’re advised to avoid eating hot dogs (unless thoroughly heated) because they can contain harmful bacteria known as Listeria, which can be very detrimental to the unborn baby.

Can you eat cheddar brats while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can safely consume cheddar brats but should ensure they are well cooked first to kill any possible harmful bacteria.


While it’s generally safe for pregnant moms to eat Vienna sausages, they should make sure they thoroughly cook and consume small quantities.

Vienna sausages, like many canned meats, may carry a risk of contamination with harmful bacteria if consumed without proper heating.

Pregnant women should priortize food safety by cooking them until they are sizzling hotto minimize the risk of infections such as Listeriosis.

Don’t eat these alone, focus o a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of safe and nutrious alternatives to ensure the health and wellbeing of both you and your sweet little one.

Anytime you had some doubts, don’t hesitate to chat your registered dieetitian or OB-GYN for clarifications and appropriate guidelines.


The Daily Meal (Why You Should Heat Up Canned Vienna Sausages Before Eating Them)

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