Can I Eat Takis While Pregnant?

Yes, you can eat takis while pregnant, but it’s important to consume them in moderation. These tortilla chips, known for their spicy and crunchy texture, are primarily made up of corn, vegetable oil, and seasonings, where corn offers a good source of dietary fiber beneficial for digestion.

Eating spicy foods like takis during pregnancy is typically safe and does not pose a direct threat to the baby. However, due to their spice level, they may cause discomfort such as heartburn or an upset stomach, particularly to moms with sensitive tummies.

Moreover, being a flavored and processed snack, it contains high levels of sodium and spice. And consuming too much of these during pregnancy might not be ideal as maintaining a balanced diet and minimizing the consumption of processed foods is fundamental for pregnant women.

Can I eat blue takis while pregnant?

Can you eat takis while pregnant?

Yes, you can equally eat the blue takis while pregnant in moderation. This flavor, like the other variants, consist of corn, vegetable oil and seasonings, also providing enough fiber to support digestion.

However, these chips, regardless of varieties, may pose some concerns during pregnancy due to possible discomfort from their spice intensity, their high sodium and artificial ingredients content.

It may also be be useful to note that while blue Takis, like other variants, aren’t flagged as harmful to pregnant moms, they are suggested to pose a risk for dental braces.

You may want to consider this advice, especially if oral care is a part of your health considerations at this precious time.

Tips for safely eating Takis during pregnancy

Pregnant women should consider these caveats anytime they need to eat these chips;


Takis chips are known for their intense spiciness due to the chili and other seasonings used in their preparation.

They can cause heartburn or gastrointestinal discomfort for those with delicate belly, which can be a significant concern during pregnancy. If you have a history of these issues, then it may be best to check your intake.


The ingredients in this chip brand are corn, vegetable oil and various seasonings. Some women may be concerned about how quality these ingredients are;

And so it’s important to read the nutritional information and ingredient list to help you make informed choices. If you find that you’re allergic to any of them, then don’t eat it.

Nutritional value

Takis are high in calories, fats and sodium. While indulging in occasional treats is generally fine, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet that includes variety of nutrients for the health of both you and the baby.

Consuming excessive amounts of snacks can lead to an unhealthy diet.

Gestational diabetes

You need to check your intake of carbs and processed snacks if you are managing this condition. Eating in moderation, or simply skipping it becomes crucial.

Food safety

Be sure to check the expiration date and condition of the packaging to guarantee they are safe to eat.

Consuming expired or contaminated snacks can pose serious risks, especially at this time when the immune system may be compromised.

Can I eat spicy chips while pregnant?

Yes, you can safely eat spicy chips while pregnant as they do not pose any threat to the baby.

However, how an expectant mother might react to spicy foods can vary. For some, it may trigger heartburn and other digestive issues.

Despite being safe for consumption, chips (including spicy varieties) are often high in salt and processed ingredients. Thus, it is important to eat smaller quantities to maintain a balanced and healthy diet .

It’s also advisable to listen to your body. If you feel discomfort or any symptom after eating them, it might be best to avoid them and reach out to your doctor.

What chips can you eat when pregnant?

As mentioned earlier, chips, including spicy ones, are safe to enjoy in pregnancy, regardless of the trimester you find yourself.

However, you might want to consider these options to minimize the chances of a possible risk of digestive discomfort or heartburn:

  • Baked or whole grain chips: Baked chips or chips made from whole grains can be a much better choice than regular potato chips or heavily processed snacks.
  • Vegetable chips: Options like sweet potato chips, beet chips or zucchini can be nutritious. These can provide vitamins and minerals beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Popcorn: As a whole grain option, it can be a healthier snack for pregnant moms when prepared without excess butter or oil. Air-popped or lightly seasoned options are great. Always avoid heavily buttered or salted varieties.
  • Tortilla chip: Made from whole grains, they can be a good source of fiber. Enjoy them with salsa or guacamole for additional nutrients.
  • Multigrain chips: These are typically made from combination of whole grains and seeds, making them more nutritious than plain potato chips.
  • Rice cakes: While not technically chips, these can serve as a crunchy snack option. They are generally low in fat and sodium and can be enjoyed with several toppings.
  • Homemade chips: Consider making your own chips at home using heathier ingredients and cooking methods. You can bake sweet potato slices or maybe kale chips, for a nutritious homemade snack.

It’s important to eat these chips in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

You can also consider healthier alternatives to traditional chips such as bell peppers, carrots or veggies, which are usually lower in fat and sodium.  

You can go ahead and pair these with nutritious dips like hummus for a delicious, nutrient-filled snack

Can takis cause miscarriage?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that consuming takis or similar spicy snacks can cause miscarriage.

Marriages occur from factors like hormonal imbalances, genetic abnormalities, maternal health conditions, abusing alcohol and drugs, and eating these chips is no way linked to any of these factors.

However, it’s important to be mindful of your diet and make healthy choices. High levels of spicy foods or heavily processed foods like takis may not be the best choice at this time because they can lead to digestive discomfort or heartburn.

Pregnant women are advised to maintain a balanced and nutitous diet to support their own heath and the little one’s growth.


It is generally safe and permissible for pregnant individuals to eat Takis, including its blue and spicy variants. However, like most snack foods high in sodium and spices, moderation is key.

Consuming excessive Takis might lead to discomfort due to the potential for heartburn, indigestion, and the high sodium content.

While there is no direct evidence to suggest that eating spicy chips during pregnancy leads to significant complications such as miscarriage, excessive intake might increase the risk for other health concerns.

If spice and heat are handled well, occasional indulgence in Takis might be part of a varied diet. As with all dietary considerations during pregnancy, consultation with a healthcare provider is highly recommended to ensure the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby.


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