Can You Drink Bloom Greens While Pregnant?

During my first pregnancy, I found myself at this crossroads. I was pretty curious and careful about every food or supplement I considered. I once used bloom greens. From my experience, I learned quite a bit about it and how it fits into a pregnancy diet.

This supplement is full of vegetables and fruits. It was actually the extra boost that I was looking for. I remember the changes I felt – increased energy levels, a sense of wellbeing and the peace of mind that came from knowing I was packing in some good nutrients for both me and my little one.

In as much as I reaped some great perks, I exercised caution. I only took it about twice or thrice weekly and never substituted for balanced meals.

For those considering bloom greens during pregnancy, my tale is the benefits it can potentially offer. And my advice is: Individual experiences may vary and what worked for me might not work for everyone.

Its ingredients and your health needs play an important role in determining if it’s right for you at this time. So, your safest course of action is to discuss first with your OB-GYN. They know your health records and can advise whether it’ll be safe for you or not.

Always, and I repeat, always prioritize professional medical advice over marketing claims, especially in matters of pregnancy nutrition.

Can You Drink Bloom Greens While Pregnant?

Can You Drink Bloom Greens While Pregnant?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that while bloom greens offer a concentration of vitamins and minerals, not all the ingredients may be okay for pregnant women. These ingredients could react differently due to various bodily and hormonal changes.

One concern with any supplement including bloom greens, is that it can contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Too much of these two aren’t ideal during pregnancy. For instance, excess dosage of vitamin A in pregnancy could lead to a condition in babies called Spina bifida.

Also, supplements like these are not regulated by the FDA with same energy and severity as medications, which means their safety isn’t assured. In fact, the company even advises that you check in with your doctor first before taking their products during pregnancy.

Moreover, if you’re managing pre-existing conditions or have diet restrictions, you’d want to play it safe by avoiding it. Bloom Greens might contain something that could cause an issue. For example, if you are sensitive to certain herbs, you will want to check the label closely.

Tips to safely drinking supplements like Bloom Greens during pregnancy

You can safely drink Bloom greens from Bloom Nutrition while pregnant but there are a few tips to know:

  • Consult with your doctor: Always talk to your healthcare expert before adding any new supplement to your diet. Your doctor can advise based on your condition and nutritional needs.
  • Check the ingredients: Be sure to check the ingredient list on product packaging or their websites. Pay attention to any herb or ingredient that seems unfamiliar. You can note them down and search them online or, better still, seek their descriptions, explanations, and safety guidelines from your doctor/dietitian. Certain herbs can be harmful to the developing baby so do not forget this specific tip.
  • Avoid excessive vitamin or mineral intake: In as much as you require good nutrients at this time, too much of them is unhealthy. Check the nutritional profile of the product and ensure it doesn’t provide excess doses of some specified nutrients. For instance, Vitamin A in high doses can be harmful so should be checked.
  • Choose reputable brands: Only choose reputable brands that you can fully trust, have several positive reviews, or are recommended by a friend who’s been here before. Such reliable brands follow quality standards and testing procedures and assure the safety of both mom and baby.
  • Focus on balanced diets: You need essential nutrients the most at this period, and the best way to source them is through balanced diets. Supplements should only complement and not replace.
  • Monitor for allergic reactions: Once you start a new supplement, monitor or track for allergies. If you notice any, discontinue use and chat your doctor ASAP.

Does bloom greens have caffeine?

No, bloom greens designed by Bloom Nutrition do not contain caffeine. This is its ingredient list:

  • Fruits (raspberry, cranberry, acai berry)
  • Greens and vegetables (Spirulina, barley, oats & wheat grass, etc.)
  • Digestive enzymes (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Protease)
  • Probiotics (cellulase, lipase, lactase)
  • Adaptogenic herbs (eleuthero & turmeric root, green tea leaf extract)
  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients (Rhodiola, milk thistle)

Does drinking bloom greens cause pregnant mothers to lose weight?

Per my experience, I did not lose weight. And you know, it is not marketed or designed as a weight loss product or tool. The primary goal is to supplement your diet with nutrients you could equally get from fruits and vegetables in a much more convenient way.

Many women put on weight during pregnancy; it’s a natural thing, and it’s not advisable to diet with the aim of losing it. Doing so can potentially harm you and your baby especially as it could deprive the body of the good nutrients it needs for fetal development.

However, maintaining a healthy diet and adopting regular safe pregnancy exercises can help you offset some weight and associated risks.

If weight gain is something you mind so much, then it’s important to talk with your doctor as they can provide guidance based on your particular situation.

While the use of greens powders may support overall dietary health, there is no clear evidence to suggest they directly impact weight loss during pregnancy.

Can you drink powdered greens while pregnant?

Yes, just like bloom greens, you can also drink powdered greens while pregnant. Green powders are made from plant foods which provide both micro and macronutrients you need at this time. However, not all of them are made to fit the needs of a pregnant woman.

Certain ingredients like ashwagandha herb, sometimes found in green powders are not safe for consumption during pregnancy. That is why each product label should be checked and ingredients thoroughly discussed with a healthcare expert to determine surety.

Can You Drink Bloom Greens While Pregnant?

What are some Pregnancy-safe green powders?

I put together this list based on my personal experience and the long-term safety observed in some of my patients.

  • Bloom Greens Nutrition
  • Live it Up Supergreens
  • Nested Naturals Super Greens
  • Jacked Factory Green Surge
  • AG1 by Athletic Greens

However, it’s important to note that responses to these products can largely vary, and it’s always a good idea to chat your healthcare expert before adding any new supplement to your pregnancy diet.

Can I drink Bloom Nutrition while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding moms can safely drink bloom greens made by Bloom Nutrition. They offer great nutrients like vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron, etc.

However, every mom may respond differently to it. Some may have allergic reactions to ingredients like soy, turmeric, or spirulina, which may pass through breast milk and affect babies.

Though most of the ingredients are widely safe, they might not suit everyone. That is why you should always consult with your healthcare provider or a nutritionist to ensure that any chosen supplement fits well within your personalized breastfeeding diet.


Bloom greens are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to drink once their doctors have given the green light. Every individual may have a different response to it, and that’s the number one reason you should check in with your doctors before adding it to your diet.

Doing so also helps to ensure they align with your nutritional needs and overall health.


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Georgina Austin, CNM

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