Can You Eat Slim Jims While Pregnant?

You probably may have come across sources cautioning that you thoroughly keep off this jerky snack while carrying a baby.

But the actual verdict is that it is possible to eat Slim Jims while pregnant, but with certain precautions. Slim Jims are considered heavily processed food, packed with additives.

Consuming large amounts of such food might not be the best for a pregnant person and their growing baby. This is majorly due to their high sodium and preservative content.

However, in a similar vein to other meats like deli meats and charcuterie, Slim Jims can also be made safer for consumption during pregnancy by heating them until they are steaming hot.

It’s important to note that immune system of expectant mothers may not be as robust as non-pregnant persons; and so eating raw or undercooked food leaves you more vulnerable to foodborne illnesses such as Listeriosis and salmonella. Therefore, cooking and moderation are crucial keynotes.

Considerations to note when you need to eat slim jims while pregnant

These guidelines are sure to help you stay on track when you need to eat snack sticks while pregnant.


If you choose to eat slim jims, then it’s advisable to do so in moderation. Consider them as an occasional snack rather than an everyday part of your diet.

Nutritional content

These meat sticks are not considered a nutritious food. They have high content of saturated fats and sodium, which may not be ideal for a healthy pregnancy diet.

That is why you don’t have to binge on it. It’s important for you to rather focus on nutritional foods that support the growth of your baby.

Food Safety

It’s necessary to ensure that the Slim Jims are stored and handled properly to prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses, which can be more concerning during pregnancy.

Make sure the packaging is intact, and they have been stored at the appropriate temperature. Ensuring this literally means getting them from reputable sources.

Dietary restrictions

If you currently have restrictions made to your diet, or are managing medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, it’s necessary to discuss with your doctor first about whether consuming this snack is appropriate for you.


For a healthier snack option during pregnancy, consider alternatives like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt or whole grain crackers.

These options are more nutritious and offer the important nutrients perfect for you and the growing bump.

Can slim jims cause miscarriage?

There is no specific evidence to suggest that eating Slim Jims or similar processed meat snacks directly causes miscarriages.

However, it is important to consider the overall nutritional value of your pregnancy diet and make choices that support your health and that of the baby.

Processed meat products like Slim Jims are usually high in sodium, saturated fats, and preservatives, which may not be the best for a healthy pregnancy.

High sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure and eating saturated fat to excess is also strictly discouraged.

While eating an occasional Slim Jim is unlikely to directly cause a miscarriage, it’s important to focus on a balanced and nutritious diet to provide the necessary nutrients for your growing baby and to reduce the risk of potential complications. 

It’s advisable to prioritize whole and unprocessed foods that are full of vitamins, minerals and other good nutrients.

What kind of chips can I eat while pregnant?

When it comes to selecting chips to eat while pregnant, it’s all about balance and moderation. While they might not be the healthiest choice due to high fat and sodium content, there are indeed healthier ones on the market you can safely eat.

You might want to opt for chips made from whole grains, vegetables or legumes. These varieties are typically high in fiber and are more nutritious as compared to the regular potato or corn tortillas.

Another good alternative could be baked or air-popped chips since they contain less fat compared to the traditionally fried variants.

Remember, regardless of the type of chips you choose, you should consume in moderation along with balanced meals that contain the lean proteins, fruits and vegetables you need for a healthy pregnancy.

FAQs On Can You Eat Slim Jims While Pregnant

Can you eat jerky sticks while pregnant?

Just like slim jims, you can eat beef jerky sticks because they are well dried during the manufacturing process to eliminate possible bacteria, making it safe.
But you should be sure to also cook it till its sizzling hot plus consume in strict moderation.

Can you eat turkey sticks while pregnant?

As with other types of jerky, eating turkey jerky while pregnant raises some concerns such as the risk of listeria, toxoplasmosis and high sodium content. As such you should be cautious about your intake.

Can you eat cold beef sticks while pregnant?

Eating cold beef sticks is not recommended because their chances of harbouring bacteria are higher and could potentially cause foodborne illnesses.


In conclusion, while Slim Jims and similar types of processed meats pose no explicit direct threat to pregnancy, they might potentially carry harmful bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella, which could pose serious health risks when consumed raw or not reheated thoroughly.

Furthermore, additives found in Slim Jims, like monosodium glutamate (MSG), could potentially contribute to several congenital disabilities.

Thus, expectant mothers should strictly limit their intake of such products and always ensure they are properly heated before eating.

If you’re already managing some medical conditions in your pregnancy, then we advise that you stay off till your doctor gives you the green light.


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