Is Plexus Safe For Pregnancy?

When you’re having a baby, you want to do everything right for you and your cute little one. This includes eating healthy stuff and maybe adding a bit of plexus to your diet.

But hold on a minute, there’s a big question we have to ask – Is plexus truly safe for pregnancy? Let’s explore it now.

What is plexus?

Plexus supplements refer to a range of products offered by Plexus Worldwide, a network marketing company that focuses on health and wellness.

One of their well-known offerings is Plexus slim, and that’s literally what I’m going to focus more here.

If you hear “pink drink”, this is what usually comes to mind. It comes in a powder to be mixed with water to make a drink. Usually people who want to lose some weight or those considering improving their gut health take Plexus slim.

Talking about its components, it is made up of active ingredients including;

  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Chromium
  • Polynicotinate
  • Garcinia cambogia

Is plexus safe for pregnancy?

There isn’t any research into the safeness of Plexus Slim in pregnancy. But, If you’re considering taking it during pregnancy, then I would advise that you hold on.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or treat your gut health in pregnancy, I would provide better alternatives in this article.

This supplement contains caffeine, and caffeine isn’t a better choice in pregnancy, especially when taken in excess.

Well, I do not know for Plexus, but most weight loss supplements aren’t FDA approved and so the need to exercise strict caution when taking them, especially when pregnant.

These are the reasons I’d recommend that you hold on taking plexus, except prescribed. But wait, why weight loss?.. during this time?

Can I take weight loss supplements while pregnant?

In fact, it is typically not a good idea to take weight loss supplements while expecting.  When you’re pregnant, your body needs extra nutrients to help the baby grow and stay healthy.

But weight loss supplements will make it harder for you to get those needed nutrients. Besides, it is natural to put on a little bit weight because of the pregnancy.

Yet if you think you’re getting more chubby or overweight, and that has made you socially anxious, then these will help it;

  • Eat balanced diet that cuts back on calories: Fill you plate with mix of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and very little whole grains. This way, your baby still gets the essential nutrients, and you avoid consuming extra calories.
  • Stay active: If your doctor says it’s okay, then include light activities like walking or swimming, into your daily routine. Just be sure you’re not doing anything too intense.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty water everyday to stay hydrated. While doing that,  avoid overeating.
  • Skip unhealthy snacks: Avoid snacks that contain plenty sugar unhealthy fats. Reach for healthier options like fruit or yogurt.
  • Watch portion sizes: Eating smaller, more frequent meals can assist in preventing excessive weight gain.

Looking to improve gut health rather? Then try these:

Keeping your gut happy while pregnant is a big deal! Why? Because a healthy gut can help you feel better and it’s good for your growing baby too.

To win at this, you need;

  • The right foods
  • Plenty of water,
  • Exercising, and
  • Probiotics

Can you take plexus while trying to get pregnant?

If you aren’t an expecting mother, then taking Plexus trying to get pregnant might be something you have once considered.

You might have probably heard it somewhere or read online that Plexus can help fertility. But those are mostly personal stories, not evidenced facts.

The formula of Plexus products includes ingredients such as chromium and green coffee bean extract, but there’s no scientific consensus that these ingredients can help with fertility.

And unfortunately, Plexus itself hasn’t undergone enough rigorous scientific testing. It’s a good idea to talk to a healthcare provider before taking Plexus or any other supplement, especially when trying to have a baby. They can give advice that fits your personal health.

What are the negative effects of plexus?

Some reported side effects of plexus include;

  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Shakiness
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Rare bleeding disorder

Who should not use plexus?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised not to use Plexus, or if unsure, must talk to their doctors before using Plexus Slim products.

Can I drink pink drink while pregnant?

Though Plexus can be referred as pink drink, it isn’t the only pink drink. Come to think of it, the popularized pink drink is a beverage usually sold at Starbucks, which is safe to consume in moderation during pregnancy.

According to starbucks, the caffeine content is quite low, around 45-55mg, and most doctors suggest 100-200mg of caffeine per day, so yes, it’s acceptable and shouldn’t affect the baby.

Regardless, talk to your doctor taking any beverage containing caffeine.

Why was Plexus banned?

The FDA banned plexus in 2014 because it was determined that the company used unsupported claims to market some of their products.

Products like BioClense, ProBio5, and Fast Relief were said to treat certain health conditions, even though these products had not been scientifically tested or approved by the FDA to support such claims.

They had also marketed plexus bio cleanse probio5, plexus ease, and plexus xfactor plus safe during pregnancy.

There were concerns that such misleading claims are posing a lot of risk on consumers, which resulted to their ban.  Since then, the company made changes to comply with the FDA’s requirements and has continued to operate.

Therefore, if you’re choosing then a registered doctor or midwife should prescribe it.

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When it comes to Plexus and pregnancy, safety is the top concern. Plexus products contain various ingredients, which may affect pregnant women’s health. Thus, I do not recommend it.

But just like you wouldn’t take medicine without first asking your doctor if it’s safe, you should talk to him or her before starting any new supplement or regimen including plexus.

Remember, the course of every decision during these precious nine months should be directed by your healthcare professional. So don’t hesitate to talk to him or her.


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