Can I Eat Sour Candy While Pregnant?

It’s usually a normal thing to find yourself craving all sorts of snacks, including sour candy at this special time. Sour candies are a type of sweet that have a tart or tangy taste.

They make your lips pucker and your tongue quiver! And this is as a result of the unique sour flavor from special ingredients like citric or malic  acids, which are added to the candy during manufacturing. You might wonder whether it’s safe to indulge in it at all. Let’s find out here in this article;

Why do I crave sour candy while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you might find yourself craving all sorts of stuff, and sour candy can be of them. These cravings can be really strong, but why sour candy specifically?

Some experts say it is because sour foods like candies are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, of which you probably are deficient in. However, we think a craving for sour candy isn’t necessarily a sign that are missing out on Vitamin C, because Vitamin C deficiency is quite rare in developed countries.

Interestingly, sour candy might even have a helpful role during this special time. For some pregnant people, munching on these can actually help reduce symptoms of morning sickness. The tangy taste can help the queasy feeling that accompanies early pregnancy.

Can I eat sour candy while pregnant?

Can I Eat Sour Candy While Pregnant?

Eating sour candy while pregnant is generally safe when done in bits. They can be that appealing if you’re experiencing pica(pregnancy cravings), which are often caused by hormonal changes. It’s not far from true that these candies would help your morning sickness as it offers a temporary reposter from nausea.

But as tempting as it might be to reach for sour candies frequently, it’s wise to remember that these treats often come with plenty of sugar and acids.

Binge eating them could lead to a tooth decay and just sometimes, may contribute to gestational diabetes. Thus, they should be eaten sparingly to avoid these potential issues, which could complicate your journey. 

Safely considerations for eating sour candy during pregnancy

To safely eat sour candy while pregnant, you may want to heed to these precautions:

Sugar content

It’s worth thinking about the amount of sugar these candies have before gobbling on them. Too much sugar isn’t the best, why? They can cause you to put on extra weight that what is normal.

Secondly, sugars put you at a higher risk of getting gestational diabetes. This is a pregnancy kind of diabetes, which can make things more complicated for your health and the little one’s.

It doesn’t stop there, too much sugar can also mess with your energy. They can make you feel really peppy for a little bit, but then you might feel sorta faitugued and weary than before. And let’s not forget about your teeth.

These candies can be hard on your teeth, and might cause them to ache or decay. So while it’s okay to have a little, don’t make it an everyday thing.

Acidic nature

They are acidic. When you’re pregnant, you might already have a sensitive stomach or heartburn, and eating things that are acidic, like  sour candies can make it worse.

Just like sugar, acid affects teeth too, wearing down the enamel and making it more prone to cavities. When you do have some candies, be sure to brush your teeth afterward to protect. You don’t go to bed while skipping this.

Artificial color and flavors

Artificial colors are the things that make your sour candy look fun and colorful. Doctors and scientists are still figuring out exactly how these colors affect our bodies, but the idea is to be on the safe side for you and your baby.

The same goes for artificial flavors. They make your candies taste like sorts of fruits and sour tastes, even if there is no real fruit in them at all. But just like colors, these are made in a lab, and not everybody’s sure how good they are for our health, more especially when pregnant. So, should you stop eating sour candies altogether? Not necessarily, but you already know what to do. Only have them in a while.

Allergies and sensitivities

Sour candies sometimes have ingredients that can cause allergies or just make you feel off. For example, some candies have nuts or are made in places that also handle nuts, and nuts are a common allergy for lots of people. Others might have milk, soy or wheat which I know some moms might be allergic to.

Even if you aren’t allergic, during pregnancy, your tummy can get upset more easily. So these candies, which might have never bothered you before could now make your tummy hurt or even worsen queasiness. The trick is to listen to how your body feels. If you notice that it makes you feel sick, itchy or just weird, it’s great to chat your doctor about it.

Choking hazard

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I’ve seen very small types, which might be safe but if you’re not careful, they can slip down the wrong way.

Others are chewy or gummy, which can also be tricky because they’re sticky and can easily get stuck in your throat. Your safer bet is to take small bites and chew well before swallowing.

This helps break down the candy so it’s unikely to get stuck.  Also, don’t eat candies when you feel distracted, or are up to something else, like walking or talking.

It’s easier to choke if you’re not fully focused on eating.  If your throat feels sore or it’s hard to swallow, it’s better to choose another thing to snack on.

Healthier alternatives to sour candy that satisfy pregnancy cravings


Sour candies do not have any nutrients, I bet you’d like these healthier swaps to satisfy your taste bud. You can try them out:

Frozen berries

Berries like strawberries,raspberries and blueberries are naturally tangy and sweet. When you freeze them, they become like little icy treats that are both delicious and refreshing.

Choosing them over sour candy is great because they pack more nutrients and vitamins. Thereby, satisfying both cravings and giving your body something healthy.

Also, they don’t have the added sugars, artificial colors or flavors that sour candies often have, reducing any chance of allergies, not to mention avoiding extra calories. Plus, berries help you stay hydrated. They are undoubtedly, the best, natural alternative for sour candies to satisfy those pregnancy cravings.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C, which is important for keeping both of you healthy. They can help your body absorb iron a little better and they’re also full of other good stuff like fiber, which can help with those common pregnancy problems like constipation.

Unlike sour candies, they don’t have added all those extra sugars and artificial things in them that might not be so good for you. This means you can enjoy the sour taste without worrying about eating sugars and allergies. You and your baby gets to maintain hydration with citrus fruits, and that’s a bonus too.

Greek yogurt with honey

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy with a naturally sour taste, and when you add a bit of honey, it gets just the right amount of sweetness. It’s packed with protein, which is super important for baby’s growth. It also contains calcium and probiotics that would keep baby’s bones strong and better digestive health respectively.

The honey is in there to add natural sweetness without artificial sugars you’d find in sour candies. Plus, it also restores your energy, which is often much needed at this time.

Of course, you should have a little care with honey – it’s best to use small as it’s still sugar, even it it’s natural. And if you’re going for store-bought Greek yogurt, choose one that is low in added sugars or plain to keep things healthier.

Homemade smoothies

Making smoothies at home lets you control what goes in them, so you can get rid of sugar, too much of it, of course, and any ingredients that may not be too good for your baby.

You can toss in your favorite fruits like berries, oranges or lemon for the sour flavor. These fruits are full of vitamins and good stuff for your growing baby. Plus, you can add yogurt or a splash of juice to make the smoothie creamy or more tangy—just how you like it!

Apple slices with peanut butter

Instead of reaching for sour candy, this snack gives you some of that tangy taste from the apple, plus a creamy sweetness from the peanut butter. Apple would offer the vitamins and fiber you may need while peanut butter gives the protein and good fats for stronger baby.


These are cucumbers that are soaked in vinegar and salt, and sometimes they have herbs and spices added to them. Vinegar gives them that sour taste you might be craving.

And because pickles are 90% water, they are low in calories and can help you stay hydrated, which is always a plus when you’re expecting. They don’t come with all the sugar and artificial colors that are usually found in sour candies, so you’re getting the sour taste from something that’s simple and not too sweet.

Can I eat sour candy while pregnant? This is a wrap!

While it’s okay to have a little sour candy once in a while when you’re pregnant, it’s generally better to be cautious. Eating these candies in moderation is key because they’re high in sugar and may contain artificial ingredients that aren’t the best for your baby’s growth.

They could also increase your risk of cavities or discomfort with indigestion, which isn’t uncommon in pregnancy. Instead of indulging in those cravings, you might prefer to satisfy them with healthier alternatives like berries, oranges, yogurt, or even a crunchy pickle.

These alternatives give you the tartness you’re after, as well as nutrients that are fantastic for both you and your developing baby. Always check with your doctor or a healthcare professional if you’re unsure about what’s safe to eat during your pregnancy.


Georgina Austin, CNM

Georgina Austin, CNM

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