Can I Have Olipop While Pregnant?

Olipop is a sparkling tonic brand that contains prebiotics, botanicals and natural ingredients purposed to enhancing digestive health.

It is usually marketed as a healthier option to the regular sodas for its lower sugar content.

While it’s generally safe for most people to consume Olipop, including pregnant women, it’s important to keep heed to these few caveats:

  • Some herbs can harm you when you take in excess so it’s important to crosscheck the ingredients with your doctor if there isn’t any that might harm you as per your individual pregnancy circumstances. Watchout for allergies too!
  • Some flavors of Olipop may contain caffeine, which should be consumed in moderation during pregnancy. Excessive caffeine intake has been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. So always choose the caffeine-free flavors.
  • Some olipop flavors uses sweeteners like stevia or erythritol as sugar substitutes, which aren’t ideal for pregnant women in high amounts. Thus, it’s a good idea to limit your intake.
  • Carbonation: Some pregnant women may experience bloating or discomfort from drinking carbonated beverages. If you have an underlying digestive issue, you may want to limit your intake.
  • Nutritional needs: Priortizing balanced meals in pregnancy should be your number one focus. While olipop may a healthier addition to your diet, and even a better option to sugary sodas, it should in no way replace nutrient-rich foods.

Are olipop safe?

Yes, olipop is generally considered safe for consumption by most people, including pregnant moms when used in moderation.

However, individual responses to food and beverages can vary, and some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients.

For example, some individuals may experience digestive discomfort or bloating when consuming carbonated beverages, including Olipop.

Additionally, if you have specific dietary restrictions, allergies or health conditions, it’s essential to read the ingredient list and consult with a healthcare provider or registered dietitian to ensure that Olipop or any other product aligns with your dietary needs and restrictions.

Does olipop have a lot of caffeine?

OliPop does contain caffeine in some of its flavors. Specifically, the Vintage Cola, Cherry Cola, and Doctor Goodwin flavors each contain 50mg of green tea caffeine.

On the other hand, the standard OliPop Cola does not contain caffeine. Though some variants of their drinks do contain caffeine, they do not have an extraordinarily high amount compared to some other caffeinated beverages.

However, if you are watching your caffeine intake, or are an expectant mother, you might want to stick to the caffeine-free OliPop options or consume the caffeinated ones in moderation.

Does olipop need to be refrigerated?

OLiPOP does not necessarily need to be refrigerated, as it is a carbonated drink with no dairy. And this allows it to safely remain at room temperature.

However, the company recommends that you store in refrigeration for a better taste and more a soothing experience.

If you do not refrigerate for an extended time period, particularly beyond three weeks, the prebiotics in the drink may break down into simple sugars and reduce the effectiveness.  

So just keep them in the fridge when you don’t intend to drink anytime soon.

Does olipop go bad if refrigerated?

It can go flat if left open in the refrigerator for an extended period. Refrigeration can help maintain the freshness and carbonation of Olipop, especially after it has been opened, but it’s essential to seal the container tightly to prevent it from going flat.

If you have opened a can or bottle of Olipop and refrigerated it, it is a good practice to consume it within a few days to a week for the best taste and quality.

Over time, the carbonation may diminish, and the flavor could change, but it is not likely to spoil or become unsafe to drink if stored properly.

What are the possible side effects of Olipop?

While Olipop is generally considered safe for most people when consumed in moderation, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects or considerations:

#1 Gas and bloating

Olipop contains prebiotic fibers, which can promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. However in some individuals, excess intake of prebiotic fibers may cause gas, bloating, or gastric discomforts.

That’s why it has always remained a good idea to start with small amount to assess how your body takes it.

#2 Sensitivity to ingredients

some people may have sensitivities to certain ingredients like sweeteners or natural flavors in olipop.

If you have known allergy or sensitivity to specific ingredients, be sure to read the ingredients and where you don’t understand, ask for explanation from your doctor.

#3 Individual Tolerance

Everyone’s tolerance and response to different foods and beverages can vary. If you experience any adverse reactions or discomfort after having this drink, it’s advisable to reduce or discontinue and consult with a healthcare professional if needed.

Can olipop cause miscarriage?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that consuming Olipop beverages can cause miscarriages.

Miscarriage can occur for various reasons, but it is typically not linked to the consumption of carbonated beverages like Olipop.

This drink has lower sugar content with some flavors barely having any amount of caffeine.

The herbs it contains, including prebiotics, botanicals are not in anyway linked with miscarriage and the FDA approves them as pregnancy-safe.

So once you drink in moderation, olipop won’t cause any issue of miscarriage.

Pregnant individuals should focus on maintaining a well-rounded diet, staying hydrated, and following their healthcare provider’s guidance to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Can you drink poppi while pregnant?

Poppi is considered safe to drink while pregnant. The company highlights that it can be a great addition to the daily routine of pregnant women as its low in glucose and insulin response offers certain benefits during pregnancy.

However, it is essential to check first with your doctor before introducing any new food or beverage, including poppi into your pregnancy diet.

What drinks should be avoided during pregnancy?

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Caffeinated ones
  • Unpasteurized dairy
  • Excess herbal teas
  • Excess artificial sweeteners


Pregnant women can safely drink olipop so long as they do not drink to excess and they choose caffeine-free flavors.

You should also make sure not to substitute it for a well-rounded diet. Since every pregnancy is unique, your doctor shouldn’t be left out In your decision to incorporating olipop in your diet.


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