Can You Drink Throat Coat Tea While Breastfeeding?

As a nursing mom, your baby’s health is undoubtedly your major concern. This makes you take a second guess with every sip and bite. You probably be thinking of taking throat coat to help your sore throat, hence the question, “Can I drink throat coat tea while breastfeeding?” Let’s uncover it..

What is throat tea?

can breastfeeding mothers drink throat coat tea?

Often known as throat tea, throat coat tea is a blend of tea that includes ingredients made to soothe throat inflammation. One of its major ingredients, known as slippery elm, is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries for its gel-like feature to help sore throats.

Other ingredients include licorice root, which is also known for its antiviral property, aids in fighting throat infections. Fenugreek is usually added to throat coat teas too, and they also help to clear mucus from the throats and even stimulate the immune system.

You realize all these ingredients featured in throat coat teas, one way or the other help sore throats even when used independently. This shows how potent this blend is to soothe that scratchy throat. But can breastfeeding mothers actually take it?

Can you drink throat coat tea while breastfeeding?

Even though this mixture is mostly natural and potent, it is very important for breastfeeding mothers to exercise caution. It is safe for them to drink, but in moderation.

This means you strictly have to stick to the recommended dosage and not make it a habit of drinking everyday. While some throat teas are licorice free, some contain licorice, which can potentially increase blood pressure levels for some people.

Some too contain ingredients that aren’t safe for your baby, so anytime you need to drink any sore throat as a breastfeeding mom, I would recommend that you check with your doctor even first. Your doctor can review the specific ingredients in the tea and tell you if they are safe, as per your current health condition.

Can you drink yogi throat tea while breastfeeding?

It is advised that breastfeeding moms should not drink yogi throat tea. Some of the herbs used in its preparation are very powerful and can harm you and your baby. It’s best to talk with your doctor first anytime you need to drink herbal concoctions like yogi throat tea.

What are the side effects of throat coat tea?

One major ingredient used in most throat coat teas is licorice root. This herb contains a substance called glycyrrhizin which can causes potassium levels to drop abruptly, leading to these side effects:

  • abnormal heart beats
  • heart failure
  • edema or swelling
  • lethargy
  • high blood pressure
  • muscle weakness
  • imbalance of electrolytes

Additionally, the glycyrrhizin can severely interact with some other medications and dietary supplements. That’s why you always need to check first with your doctor before starting any herbal regimen including throat coat tea.

What can I take for sore throat while breastfeeding?

These are a few remedies and steps you can take to help sore throats while breastfeeding.

  • Always keep your throat moist. You should sip on honey and lemon or suck on pastilles or lozenges to help this.
  • Drink plenty water and vitamin supplements. Water has always been good. Drinking plenty of it and taking extra vitamin C foods and juices should ease a sore throat.
  • Running a humidifier or taking hot baths might as well help.
  • Consider some herbs like Echinacea and garlic, either raw or cooked, or taken as a supplement.
  • Consider certain over the counter medications. Make you sure to check first with your pharmacist or doctor before choosing these medicines. Some examples like antihistamines are okay for breastfeeding moms. Nyquil, Benadryl, Sudafed and Dayquil should be avoided because they can impact your milk supply and even harm your baby in extreme cases.
  • Anaesthetic sore throat sprays: I always recommend these for my postnatal patients. However you should avoid ones that contain phenol and hexylresorcinol. Only select lozenges that have ingredients like cepacol, menthol or benzocaine. Go strict with the dosages prescribed by your pharmacist or doctor as excessively taking it can reduce milk supply.

What teas should you avoid while breastfeeding?

Certain types of teas should be avoided at all cost while breastfeeding, regardless of their herbal makeup. This is because their ingredients can affect milk supply and harm your baby at the longer run. Such teas include;

  • Parsley or petroselium crispum
  • Peppermint
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Lemon balm
  • Oregano
  • periwinkle herb
  • sorrel
  • yarrow

I didn’t add green tea to this list, but note that it contains caffeine so when drinking as a breastfeeding mother, you should make sure you do not drink to excess. You don’t have to drink over 300mg of caffeine in a day if you’re breastfeeding.

What teas to drink when breastfeeding

Always consider these teas while breastfeeding. Even though they are safe and won’t harm you or your baby, make sure you check with your doctor first. Also, stick to the recommended dosages;

  • Ginger tea
  • Chocomile
  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Peppermint
  • Fennel
  • Green tea


So, anytime you need to decide on drinking throat coat tea while breastfeeding, note that the answer is not a clear yes or no. Always check first with your doctor or consider the ingredients carefully.

Also, when drinking, make sure you don’t overgo the recommended dosage. Some of its ingredients like licorice roots can have effect on you and your baby when you overdrink it.


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