Can You Drink Boba While Pregnant?

Among the several foods we usually enjoy, we suddenly find ourselves asking, “is this safe for my baby”

One such question a bubble tea lover might ask is “Can I drink boba while pregnant?” For its bright color, plus the flavor and chewy pearls, it certainly becomes tempting! But are they safe for you and your little one? Let’s examine it.

What is boba, and what’s the ingredients?

Boba is the name of a drink that has chewy bits in it. These bits are referred to as bubbles or pearls and are usually the size of marbles. They are made from tapioca, the starch withdrawn from cassava root.

The cassava root, which is used to make the pearls is a vegetable that has its route traced from South America. They are usually dark in color, mostly due to the brown sugar added to it.

The drink part of  “boba” can be a variety of things, but traditionally it’s a kind of iced tea, usually black or green, mixed with milk and sugar.

Originally from Taiwan, boba tea or bubble tea has spread all around the world now.

Is it safe too drink boba tea while pregnant?

Yes, boba tea and the pearls can generally be enjoyed while pregnant.  However, you should be mindful of a few things. The amount of sugar, caffeine, milk and fat that comes with it.

Watch out for the caffeine keenly – how much you’re drinking. Expectant mothers are advised not to go over the recommended 200mg of caffeine in a day and so the need to drink in moderation.

Make sure the sugar content is very low. Too much sugar can be very risky while on this journey, so check that too. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the milk, pasteurized milk is always healthier.

By heeding to these guidelines, you’re good to enjoy your boba tea during pregnancy, irrespective of the trimester you find yourself in.

Can I drink taro boba while pregnant?

Taro is a popular starchy vegetable that adds a unique taste. It is safe for pregnant women to take it but in moderate amounts.

Consuming taro boba in large amounts could lead to high sugar intake, which can cause pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes and high blood sugar. More sugar intake will as well influence weight gain.

Also, its black tea content comes with caffeine, so you equally need to limit it. Some taro bubble teas have important nutrients and significantly low caffeine.

So when buying, I advise that you read on the label carefully to make sure you select those ones.

Is popping boba safe during pregnancy?

Popping boba is a very popular topping for bubble teas. It’s different from regular ones as they are little bubbles filled with flavoured juice burst in your mouth.

You can go ahead and take them while pregnant too but as usual, keep an eye on the sugar and caffeine.

If the bubble tea you’re having with your popping boba contains caffeine and you’re as well having other sources of caffeine like coffee or chocolate, it can quickly add up.

Too much caffeine is not recommended. So you should do the needful by adjusting the serving size.

How much caffeine is in bubble tea?

The caffeine in bubble teas can vary based on the type of tea used in the drink.  Most of them are made with either black or green tea, which contains significant amounts of caffeine.

A typical serving will have 100 to 160 milligrams of caffeine content per cup.

If the bubble tea is made with black tea specifically, then you should be expecting about 30 to 80 milligrams of caffeine in a 16-ounce serving. This is not fixed as it depends on the brewing method and the quality of the leaves used.

Some places may offer decaf bubble tea options. Since you need to check your caffeine intake while expecting, you should consider that.

What are some alternative options?

Here are flavorful bubble tea alternatives to consider:

1. Apple cider vinegar drinks

Anytime you hear “Switchel”, then we are reffering to apple cider vinegar drinks. They combine lemon or lime, fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar and a bit sweetener, preferably a natural one like honey or maple syrup. Feel free to add fruit for an extra twist!

2. Mingle Mocttails

They’re alcohol-free and simply fantastic. Their flavors mimic that of cocktails like cosmos, mojitos and Moscow mues. Give in a try and relish the fun of a fancy drink with no alcohol.

3. Decaf tea and fruit tea

Looking to avoid caffeine completely? These can be a helpful addition to your pregnancy diet. Some examples you can go for include: banana nut loaf tea, camomile and mint herbal tea, autumn spice rooibos, etc.

4. Milk

Even though it may not offer the same unique boba tea experience, it still makes a healthy choice. Just remember to opt for pasteurized one low fat and fortify your body with the calcium, proteins and vitamins it needs.

5. Unsweetened tea

Without any added sugar or toppings, unsweetened tea can be another great alternative for your bubble tea beverage. You can enjoy the simple and natural taste of tea leaves.

Can I drink boba tea while nursing?

Yes, you can have boba tea while breastfeeding. But the same rules apply to you too – Limit your intake. Caffeine can get into breast milk, and cause your baby to be more fussy or awake for long.

Sugar and other additives must carefully be watched too – they aren’t healthy. Instead it will be a better option if you make your own boba tea at home.

That way, you can customize and make it suit your health needs as far as your baby is concerned. Be sure to use little sugar and more natural ingredients.

If you also getting it from the cafe, then it shouldn’t be regular. And you should be keeping an eye on the caffeine.

Monitor your baby closely for any signs of sensitivity. If you notice any baby’s unusual activity or signs, inform your doctor immediately.

What are the side effects of drinking boba while pregnant?

No need to worry about these if you sticking to the guidelines – taking in moderate amounts irregularly and asking to adjust your order anytime.

But if you rather drink to excess then you may increase your risk to these pregnancy complications:

  • Preterm birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure

Final thought

If you’re overly craving boba tea while pregnant, go forward and drink it. But keep the few important things in mind.

Drinking too much caffeine and sugar will only cause you problems and nothing better, so make sure you’re customizing your order from cafes, or if you’re making it at home, adjust your ingredients to a more natural and healthful one.

If there’s any question or worry after taking it, chat with your doctor immediately. They’re always available to listen to you and provide the right information and treatment to make sure you happily go through this journey. 


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Georgina Austin

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