Georgina Austin

Georgina Austin

Georgina is a certified midwife, a seasoned writer and a mother of twins - Noel and Noelle. She brings to this blog eleven years of experience in maternity support, coupled with her personal motherhood adventures to give you factual information on women's health. Aside writing on pregnancy and breastfeeding, she writes on sexual health concerns, birth control guides, egg donation, sibling dynamics, and balancing the demands of multiple children.

Can You Eat Aguachiles While Pregnant?

Can you eat aguachiles while pregnant?

Aguachiles is a Mexican dish that typically consists of raw shrimp marinated in a spicy chilli pepper sauce, usually coming with lime juice and other seasonings. Pregnant women can safely eat aguachiles but just like most foods, there are some…

Can You Eat Egg Rolls While Pregnant?

can you eat egg rolls while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can safely eat egg rolls. But it’s important for them to ensure that they are thoroughly cooked to eliminate any potential risks associated with raw ingredients. These tasty morsels offers a satisfying mix of flavors and textures…

Can I Eat Sour Candy While Pregnant?

Can you eat sour candy while pregnant?

Munching on sour candy while expecting is totally fine, but like with most stuffs, moderation is the key!  While pregnant women can safely eat sour candy, it’s important for them to keep these guidelines on their checklist: Why do I…

Can I Eat Pancakes While Pregnant?

Can you eat pancakes while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can generally eat and enjoy pancakes as a delightful addition to their diet. These golden treats are not only delicious, but can provide nutrients that’ll help your baby’s development and your overall health. They are basically made…

Can I Eat Cactus While Pregnant?

Can pregnant women eat nopal cactus?

There are a lot of misinformation out there on cactus, especially its consumption during pregnancy, and this is because there wasn’t enough research and information about it few years ago. As a women’s health expert, I’ve done a thorough research…

Can You Take Athletic Greens While Pregnant?

Can You Take Athletic Greens While Pregnant?

Athletic Greens, now known as AG1, is a popular greens supplement that has gained significant attention through social media and endorsements by influencers. It is a nourishing powder supplement that contains 75 vitamins and minerals, and aims at increasing energy…

How To Tape A Pregnant Belly

how to tape pregnant belly

Pregnancy is a remarkable and transformative journey that brings a range of physical changes and challenges to expectant moms. As the body adapts to accommodate the growing baby, many women experience discomfort, pain and strain in various areas including their…

Can You Take An Ice Bath While Pregnant?

Can You Take An Ice Bath While Pregnant?

Have you ever wondered, “Can I take an ice bath while pregnant?” Let’s dive into this chilly topic. Ice baths also known as cold water immersion are popular among athletes for recovery. Many people swear that the cooler temperatures help…