Georgina Austin

Georgina Austin

Georgina is a certified midwife, a seasoned writer and a mother of twins - Noel and Noelle. She brings to this blog eleven years of experience in maternity support, coupled with her personal motherhood adventures to give you factual information on women's health. Aside writing on pregnancy and breastfeeding, she writes on sexual health concerns, birth control guides, egg donation, sibling dynamics, and balancing the demands of multiple children.

Can I Drink Propel While Pregnant?

Can I drink propel while pregnant?

Staying hydrated is important and several women wonder if it’s safe to drink sports drinks like propel in their journey. Well here’s the scoop – you can certainly sip on propel during pregnancy but there’s something to keep in mind.…

Can You Take Cod In Pregnancy?

can you eat cod in pregnancy?

Fish, full of crucial nutrients and lean protein, usually falls in the list of foods recommended for pregnant women. However, the topic becomes complicated when it comes to specific species, like cod. Why does this particular type of fish raise…

Can I Eat Bratwurst While Pregnant?

Can I Eat Bratwurst While Pregnant?

Diet is a major concern for expectant mothers, leading them to question many of their favorite foods. A common query that might surface for those who cherish a delicious sausage is: “Can you eat bratwurst while pregnant?” Whether you prefer…

Can You Get Braces While Pregnant?

Can You Get Braces While Pregnant?

Welcome to another informative blog post in our health and wellness series. In this edition, we’ll be addressing an interesting topic which is often overlooked – dental health during pregnancy. Specifically, “Can you get braces while pregnant?” That’s the big…

Top 20 Pros And Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

Pros and cons of tanning while pregnant

Pregnancy is a unique time in every expectant mother’s life. With new changes and responsibilities, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both the mother and the developing baby. One popular topic that has raised eyebrows among pregnant women…

Is It Safe To Eat Cornstarch While Pregnant?

Is it safe to eat cornstarch while pregnant?

Sometimes, your changing body will crave things that seem really out of the ordinary. And one such surprising craving might be cornstarch. You’re probably wondering “Is it safe to eat cornstarch while pregnant??” This article seeks to answer your question.…

Can You Drink BodyArmor While Pregnant?

Can you drink bodyarmor while pregnant?

During your journey, it’s important to know what to consume to ensure you and your baby stays fit. As a pregnant mother, sometimes you may naturally wonder if you can drink energy boosters like bodyarmor. In this article, we’ll discuss…