Georgina Austin

Georgina Austin

Georgina is a certified midwife, a seasoned writer and a mother of twins - Noel and Noelle. She brings to this blog eleven years of experience in maternity support, coupled with her personal motherhood adventures to give you factual information on women's health. Aside writing on pregnancy and breastfeeding, she writes on sexual health concerns, birth control guides, egg donation, sibling dynamics, and balancing the demands of multiple children.

Can I Eat Banh Mi While Pregnant?

can pregnant woman eat banh mi?

“Can I eat banh mi while pregnant?” This sandwich can be very tempting, but is it safe for you and your little muffin? There’s much to consider, from the fresh vegetables and seasoned meats, to the tangy soused ingredients, all…

Can You Take Midol When Breastfeeding?

can you take midol while breastfeeding?

 As a breastfeeding mom, it’s always important to be careful about the medicines you take. Midol is a pain killer usually used to treat cramps, headaches and other severe pains. But when you’re breastfeeding, you might rethink its safeness. This…

Why Does My Breast Milk Have Bubbles?

why does my breast milk have bubbles?

As mothers, we encounter various topics about our bodies, and this includes the presence of bubbles in our breast milk. This may follow up with a lot of questions. “Are those really bubbles, why are they there? Is it normal?…

Can I Eat Ketchup While Pregnant?

Can you eat ketchup while pregnant?

Pondering about the foods you eat during pregnancy? We’ve all been there! From cheese to sushi, and now to ketchup, it’s like walking through a maze sometimes. This guide covers the big question – Is it okay to consume ketchup…

Can I Drink Certo While Pregnant?

Can I drink certo while pregnant?

Today we are here to explore a common concern many expecting mothers have – “Can you drink certo while pregnant?” It’s no doubt that we all want the best for our babies in the womb, and that includes making excellent…

Can I Drink Picot While Pregnant?

can i drink picot while pregnant?

Picot is a popular antacid, known for its quick relief in heartburn and stomach discomforts. Pregnant women often experience these symptoms, which can be quite bothersome. If you’re looking to use picot to treat such symptoms while pregnant, then it’s…